FAQ & Policies



What does Ma Ma Osa mean?

Ma Ma Osa derives from the Spanish translation of Mama Bear (Osa, meaning bear). The story of this name came about from Anna's (the oldest of our Mama's three kids) nickname for both her mom and mom-in-law. Anna's husband's family is Venezuelan, and so our name felt all sentimental and sweet when we settled on the maternal connection between both families' loving mothers.

How do your items usually fit?

We try our best to run true to size and most product listings have measurements and model details, but if you have any specific questions about sizing, please contact us! We're happy to discuss measurements and sizes with you prior to your order to make sure that you're able to choose the perfect garment for your body type!

When can I expect to see new garments in the shop?

As we're just starting out, and gaining our groove, we ask for graciousness and kindness as we begin to measure our demand and production capabilities. As of now, we hope to have new products to share with you during the first week of each month!

Who creates your garments?

Alisha Cooke. This talented woman is the only person who has her hands on your garment during constructions. She orders the fabrics, cuts each piece and sews them all together by her hand and vision, with love, to form clothing that will last.

What if I don't see a color or size that I'm looking for?

If this is the case, please reach out to us with an inquiry for a custom garment. Depending on our mother's schedule, and the availability of specific fabrics, we could potentially create something in your requested size and color. Upon discussion of your request, an additional fee will be quoted, to be added to the original cost of the style that you're looking for.

Why do the products in your shop vary in size and quantity?

At Ma Ma Osa, we create limited amounts, styles and sizes of garments. The reason for this? To avoid creating a shop that would hinder our Mother's passion for sewing these garments, and to simultaneously create a shop that will fit effortlessly into her life and schedule. She's a hardworking, busy lady, and so we aim to produce garments in a way that is proportional to her time each month! We're writing our own rules here within this shop, and we couldn't be more excited about it.

What kinds of fabrics do you use?

Ma Ma Osa is committed to using high quality, authentic fabrics. Our favorite at the moment is a 100% European Linen. When ordering fabrics for the construction of our pieces, we look for the most natural linens and cottons. There is an ongoing debate about natural fibers versus synthetic and the health and environmental effects of the two. Therefore, we prefer to keep things clean, so that we can sleep easy knowing that our garments are working for our health and happiness.

Do you take custom inquiries regarding new styles? Something that I've dreamed up on my own?

We love to fulfill custom, commissioned clothing orders. If you have a specific style of garment in mind, please contact us to discuss details on pricing and availability. Because of the nature of customized supplies orders and the fact that only one woman is sewing this piece, do expect to see pricing that is significantly upwards of our listed clothing priced in the shop. Depending on our ability to fulfill your dreams, our mother's schedule, and the availability of specific fabrics, these inquiries may not always be accepted right away. And if they are accepted, they could possibly be added to a wait list if other orders are ahead. The opportunity to collaboration on new designs is something that we cherish. Please feel free to reach out, and we can start the discussion of the best routes for fulfilling your ideas.





Because most items are one of a kind and cannot be replicated, we do not offer returns at this time. We do however, offer exchanges. If you would like to make an exchange, please contact us and we will walk through the process with you. Shipping in the event of an exchange will be payed for by the customer, not Ma Ma Osa.

Processing and Shipping Timeline

All fashions listed are ready to ship. Ready to ship orders will take 1 - 3 business days for us to ship - excluding holidays. If you’ve requested a custom order, our turnaround time will vary depending on the time it will take to order new material/supplies for creating the garment(s). When finished with a custom order, you'll be notified and a listing will be posted for your custom request. Your order will take 2 - 5 days until it is in your hands after being shipped, according to the USPS for domestic shipping.

Before Ordering

Please make sure your order is correct and that you agree to our policy regarding returns. If you've read the info here and have clarifying questions to ask us, please reach out! This saves time for everyone and ensures that you're experience is more than positive!

Mending a Garment

Please get in touch with us right away! From there, we will be happy to see how we can help and take the appropriate steps towards mending the piece! It'll be like sending your ripped pants home to mom from summer camp. She'll fix you on up, send them back with a love letter, and everything will be good as new!


All U.S. orders are shipped via USPS first class - unless you would like to upgrade shipping at checkout. If you have any questions regarding shipping methods, please contact us before placing your order. Ma Ma Osa is not responsible for any damaged or lost packages. This is an issue the postal service must attend to.

International Shipping

As we're just starting out, we are holding off on shipping internationally. Our goal is to ship internationally within our first year of business, so please hang tight! We greatly appreciate your kindness and patience.

Laundry Day

We recommend that you machine wash your garment gentle to normal and dry medium heat. For best results, remove from dryer while still damp and hang dry the remaining time. Or dry as usual and use iron to touch up. No bleach. Warm iron if needed.

If your garment has embellishments sewn onto the fabric (pom poms, fringe, etc.), then we recommend either dry cleaning the piece or machine washing on a delicate setting, followed by hand drying to prevent damage to the embellishments. No bleach. Warm iron if needed.