Hello and welcome to our shop! Here at Ma Ma Osa, we seek to create heirloom quality clothing that celebrate the art of slow fashion. Each one of our pieces are made of lasting fabrics, that are sourced for their quality. Once in our hands, they're stitched together piece by piece at the hands of a mother, in St. Petersburg, FL to form classic garments that you can wear for a lifetime.

Our small team of three overflows with passion about what we're up to. Alisha (our resident Mama) has single handedly designed and sewn the garments that you see within our shop and social media (yeah, she's a total boss). Her daughters, Anna and Amanda act as her faithful support system, business partners, and creative directors. All three of us love to look at Ma Ma Osa as a combined expression of our passion for community, collaboration with one another and for timeless goods. We're so excited about the opportunity that Ma Ma Osa will provide us to inspire each other and inspire a community, as we all seek to outfit our lives with products that have a story behind them and the ability to withstand the test of time.

We thank you for stopping in, and following along in our journey to share clothes that a mother made with a broad new family and community of friends!