Our pieces in shop are limited run garments. What does that mean to us, you might ask? It means that limited amounts of styles and sizes are always being produced and sold at Ma Ma Osa. When creating this shop, we didn't wish to feel bound to large levels of production. Our pieces are sewn at the hands of one woman alone (a talented yet busy woman) and so we aim to produce garments proportionally to her time and passions each month. Whatever color, size, amount of a style that we put out all comes down to her and her availability in that season.

And how exciting is that?! To know that your piece is one of few, that your product was birthed from love and a passion for this industry rather than by obligation in a factory, and that it's authentic, natural fabric has been sewn up, to truly last with you through life's seasons? 


We even take commission requests, to fit visions that are unique to the specific hearts of our buyers.



Hello! Thank you for visiting our shop!

My name is Alisha (that's me in the orange shirt), and I'm the Mama Bear (Ma Ma Osa's Spanish translation) behind this store. I am a strong woman, a well loved wife, a mother of three, a friend, a daughter, the middle sister to my own mother’s three daughters. Our mother, my children’s grandmother, taught us to sew when we were young.  My favorite thing to sew was doll clothes. This naturally transitioned well when I grew up and had three babies to create items for. Dresses, pj’s, and lots of dress up costumes. The more I sewed, the more I enjoyed it and occasionally made an item for myself.

In 2006, my younger sister and I opened a successful Etsy shop where I designed and sold children's animal masks that appeared in major magazines and popular blogs. Yet, over time, my three beautiful children grew up and so did their interest in arts and fields that matured beyond the costumes that I would sew them. They are all such amazing humans, kind, fun, silly and hold such a huge place in my heart. They are also talented! (Hey, I can't call myself a mama if I don't take a moment to brag on them). My oldest achieved her degree in Studio Art and helped me found Ma Ma Osa, the middle (the one and only boy) is studying computer sciences, the youngest studying hospitality, business and marketing that may lead her to own a bakery someday. These three along with my wonderful husband and terrific new son in law, cheer me on, all celebrate my talents and share their skills to propel me forward. I wish everyone could have a support system like them.

Over the years I've come to enjoy sewing individual items of clothing and gifts for my friends, one piece at a time. This idea of now making limited, “one-off”, pieces of clothing for other women to enjoy, excites me. I want the clothing that I create within Ma Ma Osa to be heirloom pieces, I want them to last, I want them to be simple classic designs that you can keep forever and pass on if the time comes. I want you to know that your item is unique, was made just for you.  You won't find several ladies wearing the same piece as you when you walk into a gathering, how exciting and special is that?! Each item is handmade by me, a mom, maybe not your mom, but I promise to put the same care into your piece as I would for my own family.

Please take a look around and feel free to contact me with any questions you might have!


Alisha (Mama Bear)